The history of the Castle Complex begins in the first half of the 16th century, where Repty along with Tarnowice belonged to the name and lineage of Wrochems, who came from the Duchy of Bytom. Documented geneaology of the family starts earlier, between the 15th and 16th century, where there is first mentioned Kasper Wrochem. The Wrochems became significantly influential due to the silver mining industry they were involved in. In 1520 Peter Wrochem began building the castle, which later remained as a centre of meetings for the ‘known and famous’ who lived in those lands for over the next centuries. In the beginning, the building of the castle contained three wings with an open courtyard towards the north and a tower situated on the east corner. During the next few hundred years the castle had many owners until it reached its greatest rise in 19th  century under the Donnersmarcks’ rule. During that time surrounding buildings have been added: a bricked courtly storage barn, a horse stable and a bricked barn. After the war the castle along with its surrounding buildings belonged to PGR (eng. State – Owned Farm) and it has been left forgotten, slowly becoming a ruin.

In May 2000 the long forgotten Castle – the ‘renaissance pearl’ along with its surrounding buildings of the Castle Complex found new owners, who with great ambition brings it back to life. They effected in establishing Gospoda u Wrochema (eng. Wrochem’s Inn) – Polish restaurant in 2002, and Hotel na Podzamczu (eng. Hotel at Castle Boroughs) in 2007. There is beautiful renaissance garden surrounding the whole area.

The crucial stage was the grand opening of the castle itself, which took place on 11th June 2011. The castle is now open to public and today we can admire its renaissance courtyard along with its beautifully furnished chambers and its unique collections at the castle craftsmanship museum.